Shu-Zen junior College of Medicine and Management

Shu Zen was founded by Mr. Chaw-Chia Lin in Fall 1969 as four-year Shu Zen Medical School, located in Hunei District, Kaohsiung City.Later on, the name of this institution was changed to Shu Zen Vocational High School of Medicine and Management in 1973. It was upgraded in 2000 to what called now “Shu Zen Junior College of Medicine and Management.”

In 2001, our campus was moved to a new area called Lujhu Campus. The new campus was designed for teaching, administration, students’ leisure activities and dormitory. In 2004, another new building was constructed for labs, classrooms, a swimming pool and a spa. Lujhu Campus adopts the concept of Green Plant Fence instead of the solid walls. With magnificent and delicate design of the campus, we embrace the beauty of humanities, technologies, professions and vitalities altogether.

Our college is the largest medical junior college in Taiwan. It has a population of more than 6,000 students. Its departments include Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Optometry, Medical Imaging and Radiology, Dental Technology, Information Management, Early Childhood Care and Education. Applied English, Applied Japanese, Each has its own specific functions to perform which are in line with the school's target goals--obtaining professional qualifications and certificates, percentages of getting into good academic institutions, the wide accesses to computers and internet resources as well as the four skills of English abilities.


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